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  • New residential and commercial wiring

  • Electric home remodeling

  • Troubleshooting electrical issues

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting 

  • Recessed and track lighting

  • Switches, outlets, and dimmers

  • Ceiling fans, smoke and CO detectors

  • Wiring for appliances

  • LED recess light retrofit

  • Breaker panel service and repair 

  • Electrical repairs and upgrades

  • Safety services, including whole house infrared testing of electrical systems

  • Meter panel box upgrades

  • New meter installations for electric vehicle chargers

  • Upgrades for electric car chargers 

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charger installations

Authorized Tesla Car Charger Installation

Sheet Contracting Inc. is an authorized installer of Tesla car chargers. Call us at 949.650.3411 for pricing details. 

Sheets Contracting, Inc. | Authorized Tesla Charger Installer

Click here to read what our customers have to say about Tesla charger installations.

Certified ALC Acceptance Testing


Sheets Contracting is a certified installer of this innovative whole house cooling system that is engineered to reduce the temperature of your home by introducing cooler ouside air. 


Enjoy the comfort and benefits of a well ventilated home while reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint.


Click here to see how it works and call us at 949.650.3411 if you would like more details regarding the installation.






Certified Tamarack Technologies Whole House HV-1600 Fan Installation 
Infrared Testing of Your Entire Electrical System

Our state-of-the-art infrared thermal imager can "see" potential issues with your electrical system before they become major problems.  


If you live in an older home or a home that has been renovated improperly, you may any number of electrical issues such as wiring that is not up to code, corrosion, loose connections, etc. If you wish to maintain your house and avoid potentially dangerous situations, we offer an infrared thermal scan of your electrical system.


Take a test to see if you would benefit for such an assessment.



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