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Health Care Facilities

At Sheets Contracting, Inc., we are fully aware of the importance of having a qualified electrical contractor to perform your health care facility electrical work.


We are extensively aware of the basic code requirements, as well as the specialty section on the HCF's - section 517 of the National Electrical Code.


We also take great confidence in our interaction with other trades, as well as taking directives from the General Contractor. 


In addition to this, we are very conscious of the time frames and budgets set forth for each and every project - carefully balancing manpower concurrent with overall project timelines. 


Listed below are a few of the more recent health care providers where Sheets Contracting has recent completed projects. Additional referrals are available upon request. 


  • Camelia Gardens Care Center (Pasadena, CA)

  • Buena Park Nursing Center (Buena Park, CA)

  • Pacific Care Nursing Facility (Long Beach, CA)

  • Pacific Haven Nursing Center (Garden Grove, CA)

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